Sunday, September 7

Home Is Where the Art Is: Shop Talk

Browsing around Living Etc., I've just come to realize--or maybe to articulate--that my design style is 'eclectic' and 'modern.' I've always been a nut for finding the new unique thing--whether found objects or curious books or handmade art or souvenirs. Eclectic indeed. Needless to say, I'm loving this room.

In the gallery they have the space labeled as a living room but what I think it genius is the second level--what a brilliant study/guestroom this could be! As a writer, what I would give for those bookshelves, the lovely lounge, the gorgeous butterfly stool and, especially, the secret hideaway. Maybe I'd add something whimsical (what could go on that bureau to the right? this? or this?), but the room is light and airy, it's grounded in history and culture, just looks so dang comfortable. In the age of laptops, I mean, do you really need a desk anyway?

What would be your dream reading/writing/art-making room?

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Kate said...

I would like a big room with a huge table in it, plus a desk. I want a huge work table like on Project Runway. They have them at Ikea, but I think I need to finish my basement first, so I have a good room to use. I'd like a big work table and a couch. Since I use my dining room right now, I'm not that picky.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I love the idea of both an art table and a desk, kate. I hear you about not being picky--I've got a teeny office as we speak. The upside I guess is always having the chance to imagine new possibilities. :)

Courtney said...

This is such a great question, and one I think about constantly. I would definitely want a huge worktable. I'd want bookshelves lining one side of the room to hold supplies, inspiration, and the like. That is for the project/art aspect of the room...

For the writing aspect, I'd definitely want a desk and a reading nook, with perhaps only a chair, end table, and lamp.

I vary on the details, but I know one thing for certain about my dream room- there would be plenty of space!