Friday, September 5

In the Spotlight: Eek! Us!

We're so completely excited and grateful that our little wedding is on Snippet & Ink this weekend! Way back when I started this blog I began with reflective reasons in mind--basically, I wanted to keep a journal of sorts, document the beautiful and compelling things life has to offer. Little did I know that other people might come along and read! Kathryn posted the first comment ever (how she found me I'll never know!) and here we are today. If you haven't checked out budget-friendly week or are a newcomer to her extraordinarily inspiring boards (my new favorite), head on over! I've said it before (here and here and here), Snippet & Ink is simply the best daily wedding read there is.

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lovelymorning said...

no WAY. cute. i can't wait to see your wedding tomorrow!

cindy : quaint said...

i just saw your lovey wedding on snippet & ink and it looked so incredibly charming and perfect. i loved so many things -

your flowers
grandmother's hat
ann wood bird, lucky you
the liberty fabric backdrop - going to do that myself for family photos
the setting
the truck with the flowers
the sweets

everything really. congratulations on a beautiful day, which is sure to be the first of many in your lives together.

Courtney said...

Your wedding looked so beautiful and personal. Your color scheme was lovely. I adore your bouquet, your cake, and your red cardigan and sandals.

My husband and I also had our wedding reception in our backyard. It was incredible to have our friends and family from all over the country celebrating with us at our home.


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much!! It is so nice to hear about other folks loving homemade and hometown weddings. It almost seems like a movement, doesn't it? Can't wait to keep up with each of your blogs!

Kate said...

Your wedding was beautiful! I love your flowers!