Saturday, September 13

Pretty Primer: Fashion Photographer Toni Frissell

When I first saw Frissell's work, I became intrigued by her compositions. All the waves, ripples, wrinkles and reflections--it's all poetry. The Kennedy wedding shots are stunning. For all the tradition of their event, I think Jackie's off-the-shoulder neckline, short gloves and her carefree hair--it's these details that just take the cake. The Frissell photographs capture these aspects perfectly. Being a writer myself, I love the story: she's fired from her caption writing job at Vogue and picks up a camera. Doesn't it seem that sometimes these turns in life happen and we learn what we really want to do? What would you try out if you found some new freedom?

(Images from the here, here, here and here.)

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lovelymorning said...

oh funny! i posted the woman in the water too! it's such a beautiful image.

Tartelette said...

That picture of the woman in the water is gorgeous!
I love your blog!! Keeps me up to date with things I can't always check out regularly.

Rebecca said...

Those water shots of hers just get me--I often write my poems in response to photographs and with Frissell's they just, well, pour onto the page.

Thanks, tartelette, for the sweet comment!