Friday, September 12

A Vision for the Event: Winter at Timberline

I love the plume of vintage gold in this piece by Oh Deer Handmade--it's just the definition of elegant! More and more I think wintry weddings are such a great way to go. A romantic historic lodge, some glamourous details and all that lovely snow for brilliant photographs--just think, you could start planning now! The one thing I would add to this wedding if I could: a vibrant pink cashmere scarf or cardigan for the bride.

Image Sources: Oh Deer Handmade, Valls Photographic, Martha Stewart, JCrew, Cheree Berry, honey stirrers via Brooklyn Bride, honey, anise and almond biscotti from epicurious, spice bee cookies from Martha Stewart, Judd Waddell, wreath from Martha Stewart, Valls Photographic, Timberline Lodge photograph (maybe for fun save-the-date postcards?) via Crafts in America.

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