Friday, September 19

Pretty Primer: Recipe Card Box

Verde Paperie has some great greeting cards and, I found, some really great Pink Bathtub recipe cards (being 'verde' they're on recycled paper--smart!). One thing on my arts & heirlooms to-do list: create a recipe box. Right now, post-its, photocopies, lists are scattered all over the place and I'd love to start collecting our favorites in an artful little archive. What would you do to get started on a design-happy recipe box? What are some fun ideas for the cards, for the container, for organizing?

A couple of weeks back, I was reinspired to follow through on this project by what else but an episode of Diary of a Foodie. (If you haven't seen the series, it's pretty wonderful--wonderful in the way that The Kitchen Sisters are on the radio.) Touring North Carolina, each part of the show focused on intriguing aspects of southern cooking including a rich history of Jewish cooking in the region (m'm brisket, creole matzo ball soup!). Sitting on her porch, one of the chefs, Marcie Cohen Ferris, told the story of her grandmother's cooking through the pages she had clipped and saved in her recipe box. Every scrap of paper held so many rich reflections. I love the idea of preserving pieces of your kitchen history for generation yet to be. Do you have some great memories of collected recipes? Any favorite kitchen stories? I would love to hear!

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