Friday, September 5

A Vision for the Event: Sentimental Journey

A Lovely Morning mentioned this silvery vintage purse awhile back--there's just something about it! What about a cool, delicate and maybe a little bit misty San Francisco city hall wedding? I love the idea of designing the event around map colors--the light pink, sea green, fresh yellow--and going for minimal elegance. Why not save your pennies and base the party on the bon voyage, a special honeymoon abroad? Maybe the guests could send you off with these flags in hand?

Image Sources: Paper+Cup in Martha Stewart, Charlotte Casadejus, Saipua, Sarah Perlis, epicurious, Living, Etc., Meli & Angi, Grace Galleries, Martha Stewart, San Francisco City Hall by Alisha Brook Photographers, Melissa Sweet.

Update: I just found Bombus on etsy--such fun stuff. I bet these paper hearts would make for great confetti and, with a little crafting, the envelopes could be added to a journal to make a card & envelope guestbook. A little less of a vintage feel than the board above but maybe there's a whole other wedding to be envisioned here!

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Kate said...

I love the invitations in the first picture. I think they're Paper+Cup, but I could be wrong.

Rebecca said...

Yes, P+C for MSWeddings. The full suite can be found here: Don't they do just amazing stuff? :)