Sunday, November 9

House Play: New for the Nursery

I love all the modern baby furniture available today--so nice! What do you think? Could this room be ready for boy or girl? It's just so nice to see the new possibilities for baby beyond blue and pink--there are just so many more fun colors! Plus, did I mention I adore this little creature poster from Studio Violet? I highly recommend visiting their beautiful site.

Image sources: bunny nightlight from Pottery Barn Kids, Oeuf crib, Spanish flash cards from Delight, organic kimono from Pokkadots, Denyse Schmidt, Studio Violet, Binth baby book from Serena & Lily, Lands' End blanket, playtable from ducduc, fleece bonnets from Makie, Eames rocker from Design Within Reach, OFFI Nest Bassinet from Design Public (it turns into a table!).

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Courtney said...

There is so much great stuff for nursery's now. Great selections. That bassinet is one of my fav nursery pieces too!

Anonymous said... all this. Makes me excited to have a baby and get a whole new room to decorate! that's an okay reason to have kids, right? :)

My absolute favourite is the Eames rocker...just CAN'T get enough of seeing those in children's rooms. There's something so simple and slightly juvenile about them, yet absolutely sophisticated too. Plus you have to start your little ones off with a taste for the best in design, right?!

Jackie said...

I just bought the Friends of Violet poster a few weeks ago for my little girl's room. We have so much fun making up names for the characters and creating stories about them.

mer said...

love it!