Monday, November 10

Great Gifts Guest: Cassandra of coco+kelley

For one of this week's installments of our 'great gifts' series, I'm so delighted to welcome Cassandra of coco+kelley--truly the best read for your daily dose of glamour!

A favorite at Martha Stewart, coco+kelley is one of the hottest fashion & design blogs out there. Cassandra's aesthetic is--in a word--impeccable. From tableware to chairs to jewelry to the runway, her point of view sparkles and shines. On top of writing her fabulous blog and keeping up her etsy shop, Cassandra has just launched her own style venture--so inspiring! If you have checked out her new online portfolio, it's a must-see. Just imagine: coco+kelley as the creative direction behind your wedding? Yes, please!

On to the gorgeous gifts from Cassandra!

The greatest gift I've ever received: When I graduated from high school, a close family friend bought me *gasp* my first ever piece from Tiffany & Co. I just about died when I saw that little blue box. But the best part wasn't really even the gift ~ it was the message he left inside telling me to wear the bracelet anytime I wanted. I think it was the first time I realized that beautiful pieces should be shared and displayed and used, and completely contributed to my philosophy of always adding a little glamour to everyday life.

{Don't you think everyone needs a little style encouragement from time to time? I just love Cassandra's philosophy of beauty, don't you?}

The greatest gift I've given: When I had studied abroad in Florence, there was a priest in the program who was an amazing artist. He has done hundreds of paintings for alumni and their families over the years, a few of which have been for close friends of mine. So, one year, when my sister and I were struggling over what to get my parents for Christmas, I came up with the idea of commissioning him to paint a scene taken from the small Southern Italian town that my father was born in. I don't think I've ever seen my parents so surprised or moved over a gift before! It was wonderful to have a personal piece created for them with so much meaning behind it.

{The gift of art--so special--and that Italian scene, stunning!}

Cassandra, thanks so much for sharing with us! Can't wait to hear all your news as you keep doing what you love with c+k!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing amazing gifts. That painting is exquisite, and I can only imagine how thrilled the recipients must have been!

Impeccable objects and observations from Cassie as always.

P.S. Rebecca, LOVE this new feature! Blogs and presents are two of my fave things, and this is the best possible way to bring them together!

Joanna Goddard said...

what a fun feature!! :)

Rebecca said...

thanks so much, ladies! that Cassandra--she really is something else!

coco+kelley said...

you're the sweetest Rebecca, and thank you so much for your kind words, citysage!