Saturday, November 8

House Play: Living Room Light

A new series! I'm thinking about playing with design inspiration around the house--some from our little home and some just for fun. We'll take the tour room by room and playing with color and concept and imagining some new digs. 

With this first installment--let me tell you--I need your help, folks. I've got a little design problem: S and I have this huge framed Helen Frankenthaler print in our living room (do you know her work? I adore it) and we've been struggling to get a handle on how to work in all the elements around it. The colors are bright and fresh with a watercolor feel. We have other smaller black-and-white art to go along with it and my favorite 'modern' framed doily. The art matters a lot to us, of course. Beyond what's on the walls, we have two Ikea rockers that we love, lots and lots of books (also pretty colorful) and several potted greens. Everything else is up for being replaced--what do you think we could do? Couch, bookshelves, console table, lamps, accessories? 

What design possibilities do you see? Any and all suggestions are very welcome!

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Jackie said...

Just ran across this photo: that has two of the same ikea rockers you own. Perhaps that will serve as a little inspiration.

Rebecca said...

ohhh, thanks, Jackie! I love all that color, don't you? and the Shaker-type shelves--so pretty! I'm going to start scheming out a plan...!