Monday, November 10

Into the Kitchen: Quicker Coq au Vin

Boy, this cold weather has me feeling homey--in a sort of French way! Outside, we've had this really chilly rain, almost freezing, and I figured I ought to use some of the last of the fresh thyme from our garden in tonight's dinner (what a sight I must have been this morning out there in my slippers hurriedly clipping all the herbs I could find!). I'm putting my own twist on this coq au vin recipe and, as they described, cutting out the fanfare of Julia Child's version (flaming cognac--oolala!). I'll let you know how it goes (I mean, it has to be good since the recipe calls for those cute pearl onions, right?). What are your favorite fall recipes these days?

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Anonymous said...

Mmm, yummy. Can't' wait to hear how this one turns out!

Lately I've been doing a lot of soups- my favourite is a french soup called a 'pistou'. basically just a hearty veggie soup but then you stir pesto into it just before serving. it's divine! and i love to serve fresh, hot biscuits on the side. with jam, of course :)

Rebecca said...

wow! that sounds so lovely, Anne--I'd love the recipe--maybe you'll post it? as for the coq au vin, well--I've learned my lesson: never use a cabernet (!). someday I would love to master some French dishes--alas, I'm still an amateur!