Friday, November 28

Little Rock Star

Right this second, I'm rocking out to the new Lucinda Williams album--tell me, could life be any sweeter? Granted, I'm working away to whittle down a stack of student papers a foot-and-a-half deep but I've got tunes, a little dog at my feet and a cup of hot tea...happy Friday!

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Martha said...

Sounds nice. :)

Martha B.

Tartelette said...

My husband is working his way through a stack of student papers too and I wonder if this would help...he has major female singer crushes. I for one can't carry a tune!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Lucinda! And I didn't know she has a new album out. Thanks for the heads up! I'm literally going to download it right now.

I'll bet we'd totally be music buddies. Do you like Kathleen Edwards and Emmylou Harris?

Rebecca said...

yes! Anne, those three are the BEST. I'm a huuuuuge Emmylou fan, just huge! Plus, Patty Griffin, Tift Merritt, Lizz Wright and, ahem, I've been known to listen to a little Dolly Parton...! :)