Wednesday, November 5

Sweetest Gifts 2008: For the Girly Girlfriends

A little something light and lovely--this list's for the girls who are always there to listen and laugh. What plans do you have for the ladies in your life? (All these llll's...I must be thinking of my best friend Lola...!)

An itty bitty Purl Soho gift cert
Vegan m'mmmarshmallows ala Sweet & Sara
Skinny birds-of-a-feather belt via pixie market
Flirty birdy vase from Three Potato Four
Some delicate dishes from Gleena
A lacy full moon necklace at Nervous System
Chocolat via Jin Patisserie--ooolaaala!
A folksy calendar from Dutch Door Press

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M and M Wedding said...

I love the marshmallows!!!
PS I love the posts from your wedding as well. I used to live in Lincoln and always dreamed of getting married at the Sunken Garden. Love it!

Anonymous said...

That necklace! Swoon! This is such a beautifully edited little collection. Everything feels just right and they all contribute to create a lovely feeling of warmth and friendship. Perfection!

Oh, and how much do you love Purl and Purl Patchwork? When I lived in NYC I would just go there and stare at all the fabrics and yarns arranged in rainbow order, imagining what projects I would do with them all. I never once bought something, just enjoyed the eye candy and dreamed!

Ellie said...

so beautiful! i can't get enough of dutch door press.

Anonymous said...

lovely pics!