Tuesday, November 4

Great Gifts Guest: Kathryn of Snippet & Ink

It seems only fitting to share these particular great gifts with you today--if there were an election, I would vote Snippet & Ink one of my favorite blogs, hands-down! Thanks so much for visiting us, Kathryn!

Without a doubt, Kathryn creates the most delectable, delightful wedding inspiration boards around. I'm sure I'm not the only bride to say it--I was hooked on Snippet & Ink from my very first read and continue to check in daily (er, two or three times daily!) ever since. Themes, colors, crafts, flowers, photography, dresses, venues--it's all there and every choice Kathryn makes is a beautiful one. More than any book or magazine, her daily features inspired our handspun, homemade wedding. What a treat it was to have our little gig as a Snippet & Ink real wedding--such amazing company to be in! I could say so much--see here, here, here, here for more..! Needless to say, I have so much gratitude to Miss Kathryn!

But enough of my chit-chatting--on to the gifts!

The greatest gift I've ever received: One of my favorite gifts was this pair of sweet little diamond earrings that my mother gave me for Christmas last year. They were links on a beautiful watch that belonged to my grandmother (my father's mother), who gave the watch to my mother, who in turn has had the links turned into earrings for my sisters and me. I love that they have a history, and that they are the perfect size - sparkly enough to dress up, small enough to dress down.

{What a fine gift--the gift of style! I love the diamond in this Snippet & Ink board too.}

The greatest gift I've given: The gift I had the most fun giving was a personalized notebook for my best friend Mariam's birthday. She had just returned from a semester in Paris, and I knew she was a little sad about having to leave. I found a journal that had a map of Paris on the cover-- including the street that she lived on!--and filled it with stories, illustrations, photos, notes and recipes to remind her of Paris whenever she missed it. Not only was it so much fun to make, but Mariam told me it is her favorite birthday present she's ever received!

{I just love these book gifts, ladies, don't you? You must see Kathryn's 'Paris, je t'aime' inspiration board--pure heaven!}

Thanks, Kathryn, for lending us your stories!

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christina said...

i'd vote s&i as best blog too!

and i'm so glad i found your blog, too! thanks for your sweet note about my real wedding, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Snippet and Ink is big trouble for me...even though my wedding is over and done with, Kathryn makes me wish I could get married again and again and again (to the same groom, of course ;)

What lovely gift ideas, too!