Wednesday, December 10


The lovely Courtney of Under a Paper Moon has tagged me! Five things you might be surprised to know about little 'ol me:

1) I'm a huge reader. Huge. Okay, maybe you knew this already by way of certain posts (here, here, here).... From poems to art history to garden stories to memoirs to children's lit to novels to philosophy name it, I'll read it up. I'm so excited for the winter break and snuggling up with some new reads--nonfiction, photography, craft, design, poetry, biography, baking.

2) Once upon a time, I was a competitive figure skater. Still, to this day, I don't think anything compares to flying on ice. What I miss most? Doing figures. Now obsolete, skaters used to work through rigorous tests tracing super-precise circles into the ice. I wish skaters today still had the opportunity to do this remarkable meditative practice.

3) I'm known--and consistently teased!--for my extended food cravings. One month I have a weakness for sushi, the next oatmeal, mangoes one month, chocolate cake the next. To say I looooooovvvvvve food might be an understatement.

4) I've lived on both coasts, the no-coast of the Heartland and in the Southwest. I grew up in New England, went to California for college, worked in New Mexico, and later, settled into the Midwest for grad school.

5) One of my very favorite things to do is volunteer at our local museum. It's so fulfilling--not only spending time around great artworks but to feel like you're inviting others to connect. Listening to children tell the stories of different paintings by Warhol and Thiebaud and O'Keeffe...I just adore it.

6) I usually like to have a little secret I keep to myself. Whether it's a little indulgence or a dream or a memory...I always like to keep a little special something in mind to inspire me.

How about each of you? What's your story these days? Any new realizations you've made about you?

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anna said...

seems like a good time to say HI REBECCA. megan tipped me off to your pretty blog last week. hugs for you! (-anna guercio)

Rebecca said...

hi Anna!! big hugs in return! :)

paula said...

no way a figure skater. how cool is that.

christina said...

i too, am impressed by the figure skater! love it...and i can totally relate to the crazy food cravings!

nice post, so sweet to learn those tidbits!
xo, christina

Courtney said...

Thanks for playing along, Rebecca; it was great to learn more about you. How amazing that you were a competitive figure skater!

I love reading too, and, I may have said it here before, but my to-read list seems to grow infinitely! There is just not enough time to consume all the book-goodness in the world; well, maybe if I did nothing else but read for the rest of my days, I would catch up in this lifetime :)