Monday, December 15

Into the Kitchen: Best of Gourmet Cookies

Just in time for the holidays, Gourmet has laid out this wonderful selection of cookies--vanilla crescents, kourambiedes, linzer bars,, the choices! We're getting on the road today for the holiday family & friends rounds--Kansas, Indiana, Massachusetts. I can't wait to land at S's parents and set to baking. Have I mentioned my mother-in-law is the most amazing confectioner? She makes caramels from scratch. I just love those old-timey candies and processes (putting the marble slab in the snow!)--they make me dreamy for all the special family traditions. What recipes do you celebrate year after year?

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Jackie said...

Have a wonderful time! Homemade caramels sound divine. So neat that part of the process is putting a marble slab in the snow. My in-laws make tamales every year and I help line the corn husks with masa (the only task they trust me with!). It is fun to take part in a different culture's tradition.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just LOVE the gourmet feature on cookies? i briefly considered trying to bake every recipe in time for christmas, but that idea died a quick death.

LOVE the idea of making candies with the slab in the snow---reminds me of the maple sugaring chapter in laura ingalls wilder's 'little house in the big woods'. would love to see pics/get some recipes of your traditions!

safe traveling :)

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

These look amazing! Thanks for the nice comments over on my blog.