Friday, December 12

Blogger Book Love on The City Sage

Speaking of my bibliophilic tendencies...! You've heard me say it before...I love love love The City Sage! In a word, Anne's taste is impeccable. The rooms, the fashion, the recipes (the brioche--I tried it and yum!)--it's my first read for loveliness. You can imagine my delight as a guest in the favorite books series...! Thanks again, Anne--a complete pleasure!

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christina said...

first off, thanks for the note on my brigade!

secondly, you have impeccable taste: the city sage is fabulous!

xo, christina

thehomebound said...

Fun! I just read your book post over there. I didn't know you were in Lincoln. I'm in Omaha. Small world I guess.

Oh, and interesting book choices and cute blog.

Alexis said...

I just found you through the City Sage, and I'm so glad. Your blog is delightful!

Anonymous said...

You flatter me RB! I'm blushing and your sweet words have made my week.

I LOVE the idea of keeping copies of the Lahiri on hand as emergency gifts. I picked up my own copy over the weekend and I'm reveling in it.

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead :) Thanks again for your book list m'dear. It went down like sweet sweet candy!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

I love Anne too!