Monday, January 5

Backyard Field Guide: A Glimpse of Spring

At this time of year, along with the resolutions come the wheelbarrow's full of garden catalogs--one of my most favorite things of all. Our mailbox has been overflowing with them (to do: a good trip to the recycling center!) which means S and I have started plotting and planning our beds for the upcoming year. Heirloom red zebra tomatoes, snowpeas, hot chile peppers, chioggia beets, dill, basil, lilies, dahlias, cosmos, morning glories, and, of course, tons and tons of zinnias...I can't wait. Does anyone else already have spring fever? What are your plans once the cold breaks?

(Images from here and here.)

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Maggie said...

I'm so jealous - I wish I had the space for a garden! It's on my dream list for our next living space, no doubt. Sending good garden vibes your way!

Alicia said...

As soon as I put the Christmas decorations away I begin to think of spring! Unfortunately I don't have a garden plot, but I do have a sunny apartment that enables me to force some spring time bulbs for a little burst of color & fragrance inside the house!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love to garden! When we were living with my parents in law, they let me take over their yard. I miss getting my hands in the dirt and can't wait til we have a place with a garden of our own!

would love to see pics when everything starts flowering!

maggie said...

I used to make collages from the pictures in the White Flower Farm catalog. A great way to mindlessly putter around.
Happy new year! I hope you document your garden as it grows!

chelsea said...

Yay! I love garden catalogs in the wintertime. Wish I had a garden:(