Sunday, January 4

A Vision for the Event: New Year's Baby Blue

Kathyrn posted a charming, charming photograph today on Snippet & Ink and I couldn't resist building a board around a Three Photographers shot (aren't those flowers the most delicate shade?)--beautiful work!

Image Source: aquamarine necklace by Anne Sportun, iCi Restaurant in Brooklyn, JCrew, Three Photographers, The Lettered Olive, embroidered welcome bags from Cox & Cox, Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart.

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maggie said...

what a pretty bouquet! blue flowers are hard to find—any idea what's in that one?

Rebecca said...

I've been wondering just the same thing, Maggie--hmm! the only thing I could think was hydrangeas but the petals seem wider, more like a primrose shape (I guess there are blue primroses of that color but aren't they wildflowers?). the color is such a specific cool light blue too--isn't it something else?