Saturday, February 7

A Vision for the Event: Folk Art Festivities

Bright jewel tones and cream, bold floral designs--I love an heirloom wedding and I love folk art. So many events are based on two colors these days--why not go with a scheme of several rich hues?

Image sources: welcome bag tags from every jot and tittle, Night Owl Paper Goods, Martha Stewart, JCrew, VivaTerra, Cake Girls, Martha Stewart, Tim Evan Cook via Snippet & Ink.

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Downtown Susie Brown said...

Love the colors! Great post - very inspiring!

Mo said...

I have that same dress bookmarked in my MS. And, I love the tins. Thanks, this is pretty!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful! I love the long J.Crew skirt, and that image from Martha is stupendous. I've yet to pick up the latest issue of her wedding mag but I think I'll have to fix that ASAP!

melissa said...

This is a great board! I love the pitcher and glasses.