Monday, March 30

In the Spotlight: Dutch Door Press

So exciting--Dutch Door Press has a lovely spruced up site! Check out their custom designs and the new line of signature wedding suites. I just love their folksiness--the holiday cards we sent were a hit and I'm definitely thinking of this baby announcement for welcoming our little bear into the world this summer...!

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Sunday, March 22

Heirloom Nursery: Baby's First Quilt

It's no secret I love quilts--really love them.

Recently, I've been editing the memoir of one of our quilter friends and got to thinking about the possibilities for our baby's first quilt. Looking around for nursery bedding, I've been pretty disappointed in the range of colors and style for little boys (did I mention? we're having a boy!). Everything is blue, red and brown and--I'm going to say it!--so boring (!). Have you noticed this too?

This feeling led me to start researching the baby blankets of the past at our local museum, Lincoln's International Quilt Studies Center. What I found was that the traditional of the crib quilt is really a fascinating one--especially here in the Midwest where these small blankets were an Amish tradition. The rich blacks and deep blues, the modern-feeling stripes, blocks and cubes. Hope we can find a way to do something similar--so many creative possibilities for our tiny new guy!

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Backyard Field Guide: Busy Bee in Springtime

Like a bee to nectar, I'm buzzing! Did you know that the bumble bees you usually see among the spring bulbs and flowers are usually the queens? I find it just remarkable how after overwintering alone these little ladies found the year's new colonies themselves. Sweet humble bumbles.

I was reading this week that some gardens have little nooks and caves built into the walls just for this event--brilliant, right? Other times the bees will just make themselves at home an empty birdhouse (I love this one answering the doorbell above!). I'm thinking I need to find some more places in our backyard plot for them.

(This might just be another clue to my secret project!*)

(Images from here and here.)

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Friday, March 20

Simply Sweet Courthouse Wedding

Isn't this Portland wedding so vintage and darling? I just love the floral work of Ink & Peat--pop on over to the blog to see more.

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Thursday, March 19

Pretty Belly Pics

Jo had these cute mama photos up today. Photog Ryan Marshall is taking weekly pics of his wife to go along with these charming journal entries to their baby. I keep thinking I need to write a letter to our little-person-to-be and this has me so inspired!

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The New Heath

The new special edition Heath pieces are so minimal and so vibrant. Don't you just want to eat your granita out of one of these? (Maggie & Shiv, any recipes for us?) The color is simply just right.

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Tuesday, March 17

Luck o' the Irish!

A thousand lucky clovers to you! Hope everyone's enjoying this fine St. Patty's Day--I've been dancing all day in my kelly green!

(This pic might be a clue for what's to come with my secret project!*)

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Monday, March 16

Colorography: Sentimental Shades

It's not too often that I'm really struck--I mean, with a strong visceral reaction--by a combination of colors. For some reason, the palette behind these tees got me: they're the color of my childhood. Light aqua, light lavender, a faint peach and grey. Maybe it's a New England thing. There's something so sweet and fine there. Like wild irises. Or icicles clinging to the eaves. I can't place it but I think one of my first memories of beauty had to do with this scheme. Ever had an experience like this?

Oh, and, by the way, if you haven't seen it, the new JCrew spring collection is wonderful...! If you were to do a wedding in any of their color combinations, it couldn't help but be an aesthetic success.

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Friday, March 13

Hard at Work, Missing You!

So sorry to be absent, ladies! I've been busily working on a soon-to-be-not-so-secret project-- saying 'yes' to a dream, really. I hope you'll forgive me for not posting daily--I'm hoping my time away will be more like 'worth the wait'! More on that soon as well as more posts! What fun things have you all been pursuing? I'd love to hear!

(Image via Desire to Inspire.)

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Tuesday, March 10

New York Times Wedding

Such a sweet wedding story from the NYTimes (and, yes, that is Stephen Colbert!).

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Monday, March 9

Location, Location

Readymade's WPA poster series is so spot on--especially these two. I've lived on both coasts but somehow not until I moved to Nebraska did these ways of living really come into focus for me--farmer's markets, gardening, bicycling, local schools. I'm a city girl at heart but somehow living here is the perfect fit.

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Thursday, March 5

Sweet Find: Laura's Left Hook

Cute, kitschy and a little bit squishy--I love Laura's lovely little letters! I can see them on couches, in cribs...what great gifts too!

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Tuesday, March 3

Sweet Find: Bonpoint

Parisian designs for the little ones--Bonpoint has some utterly charming clothes.

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