Wednesday, June 4

Wedding To Do: Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

S and I were racking our brains for an idea of what to get his parents as gift for being so supportive during the planning of the wedding. We thought about everything: jewelry, ties, crystal, pottery, books, you name it. Nothing seemed quite meaningful enough. After searching and searching, I remembered an artist I'd read about on Garden Rant, Caldecott medalist Mary Azarian. Her woodcut prints are so lush, so vivid. As soon as I remembered, I thought this is just the gift for commemorating our garden-themed day. We chose the top piece for the colors--they're even brighter in person, they just pop--but she has many, many others. The alphabet prints would look so lovely spelling out a name or initials. Of course, I'm pretty partial to the letter Z is for zinnias.

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