Tuesday, September 23

Sweet Find: Anthropologie on Sale

This rustic little shrug is on sale--$39!--and I'm thinking it would look so nice on the bride getting married on a cool, cloudy, romantic coastline somewhere--Nantucket, Maine, Prince Edward Island, Portland, Seattle.... I mean, the detail on the button is just, well, sweet.

And for me, I'm thinking about a pair of these folksy numbers and a cup of tea to keep me warm:

I don't know about where you are but it's really feeling like late September here--what a grey day we're having! We bought our first pumpkin yesterday and I think I'm off to make some bread...! Happy Tuesday, all!

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1 comment:

maggie said...

oooh i may have to go see if they have any of those in the anthropologie store near my office. could possibly look mismatched with my dress but sooo sweet!