Saturday, July 19

Gratitudes: Week in Review

It has been one busy week here! A couple days after returning from our roadtrip the summer semester began--whew. Teaching five days a week has kept me on my toes. Despite all the running around, we found some time this week to really enjoy summer at home. I'm so thankful for:

1) Swimming laps with Kelly--three days a week, go team! Who knew how relaxing exercise could be?
2) The last piece of our wedding cake--I couldn't resist, it was wonderful for breakfast with my favorite coffee...!
3) Our garden, despite looking like an overgrown jungle, has produced a whole array of flowers--new dahlias, tiger lilies, stargazer lilies, the red heirloom gladiola I planted (mentioned here) and, of course, more and more zinnias.
4) Homemade pizza--I found this recipe and tossed on some chicken and prosciutto. So yum!
5) Getting to see all 500+ photographs of our wedding by Allison who, in a word, rocks. I may have mentioned this before, once, twice, maybe three times--
6) Being home--sweet home!--and having the scent of cedar winding through the rooms to remind us of New Mexico....

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